For example: A Gucci tshirt is just that- a tshirt. You won’t reap the benefits of additional utility or an added use case. But these sleeker, more luxurious models are angling to … You could buy a seiko with more quality, quality control, engineering and history thrown at it for 1/3 the price that would most likely be much more aesthetically pleasing.

as in, a $2 white tee from bubbles mart is different than a $200 Gucci white tee. I think it depends on what you value as well as your intent.

Chanel has regular and significant price increases, which help drive up prices on the second hand market so if you purchase a classic flap and keep it in pristine condition, you might make a bit of a profit years down the road. Or choose a more timeless version of your favorite style. Generally, our users feel that LV, Gucci, and Ferragamo belts are acceptable as long as they are not too outlandish. Should I actually buy some Gucci flip flops? The box and everything that comes with it seem to be authentic, the serial number is engraved on the tongue and not like most of the fake ones i have seen like written in gold,comes with 2 silk dust bags,they even come with a receipt from Harrods, everything feels of quality.

Gucci is a brand that sells a lot of trend items, which means they're totally the bomb right now, but might not be later on. Gucci: as was stated in a comment above, I hated Gucci up until this season. They are not anywhere near worth it from a price to quality perspective, no designer items are, your paying for the name, not the shoe.

Other Gucci bags that have increased in popularity include Marmont bags, especially in matelassé, and Gucci waist bags." Tacky without being tacky. If that makes sense. DISCUSSION. I think they’re more worth it because some are reversible, so it’s like you’re paying $400-$500 for two belts instead of one. Do i think it's worth $200, hell no. Posted on April 27, 2015 While the majority of my wardrobe is not designer, I do own a few pieces by “designers” from well-known ones such as Burberry for their incredible trench coats to more independent labels like Toronto-based Smythe for their coats. ! Am I right or is this a shitty idea and I shouldn't think about shoes while high anymore? I'm organising my class of 1997 high school reunion – our first since graduation – so naturally memories of school are top of mind. The story behind Gucci’s Bamboo Bag is definitely worth reading, whether one is a fashion enthusiast or not. Cool designs but not 350 dollars worth. Undoubtedly, 2016 has been the year of Gucci. For example, compare a Chanel J12 to a Panerai. If you’re on the market for a must-have bag, consider a Gucci monogram silhouette for an on-trend option … Current: 5 reasons why Gucci bags are worth the investment (and 1 reason why they're not) 5 reasons why Gucci bags are worth the investment (and 1 reason why they're not) Purchase guide. Because they are cheap movements in a cheap case slapped with a brand name and then sold for an absurd amount of money to what the watch is worth. The Best Duffle Bags Worth Splurging On Until now, duffel bags were good for exactly two things: gym clothes and bank robberies. Is designer clothing actually worth it?

This was a factory flaw and a defective product! As for Gucci, they have regular sales, so you could wait for a sale in order to pick up something at a sizeable discount. Sure, your pay for the name but if you think it is worth the look and design it comes with, then it is worth it. That being said, their tees are not worth it. Loud and somehow understated. Yes I already know it's horribly impractical. The same for Gucci. I recommend a Ferragamo belt!!! And since I'm about to go back to college and see all of them I think it would be cool to show up in Gucci slides every once in a while. But everyone in my friends group obviously fucks with future. but some people think the design (a very objective thing), quality and reputation is worth the $200-300 price tag. Hello , recently bought a pair of Gucci Ace Bee size UK 8 from ebay. Therefore we suggest selling your bag quick, if you feel like you've worn it enough. The price range is the same but Panerai's movement is most likely far mroe superior but if you like the J12's look better then I don't see anything wrong with it. Their embroidery work is killer.

As we mentioned before, this legendary Gucci bag was inspired by the shape of a saddle, which is something that is already quite unconventional per se. Gucci decided to change it up a bit, he refined the lines, he added a horsebit, after all, Gucci had been making saddles in the past, and he offered them in black even though most loafers at the time came in tones of brown. It had everything – greed, ego, sibling rivalry, foolish expansion, and even murder. 02 June 2016. However, some of our users shared that you should not worry too much about the brand and just purchase a simple leather belt that looks classy.

The bloodluster is dope, but I'd rather cop on Reon. Well, there you have it. I wanted a Gucci belt too, but decided to get a Salvatore Ferragamo belt instead. Their saga turned out to be a textbook example of how to run the family business into the ground. No. The Gucci family feud is a bitter reminder of the volatility that money and success can bring into relationships. If that name on your shoe is worth it, then by all means, go for it. They are worth 640 bucks if you think that showing off you have gucci shoes is worth 640 bucks.