Islands for Sale in USA Islands for sale in Florida, New York and other American private islands. In 2009, Tyler Perry purchased the White Bay Cay in The Exuma Cays in the Bahamas. A common mistake when referring to the lavish holdings of convicted sex offender and alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein: He has not one but two private islands in the Caribbean. America is one of the world's top island markets. There are many privately owned islands including: Armitage, Barnes, Bell, Big Double, Cactus, Canoe, Charles, Cliff, Coon, Dinner, Fawn, Little Double, Long, McConnel, O'Neil, Picnic, Ram, Reef, Satellite, South Finger, Spieden, Trump and Whale Rock. Other famous actors who have privately owned islands include Robin Williams, Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts. A huge five thousand sq-ft home as well as a smaller twelve hundred sq-ft cottage. Have you ever wondered what it takes to own your own island? Mel Gibson – Mago Island, Fiji. 10 Celebrities Who Own Private Islands. by Layne G. Jul 10, 2019; Share Tweet Email Comment Share. 6. Ricky Martin- Island in Angra dos Reis, Brazil Area Country/Region Airline IATA 2LC IATA member Website (if available) Total governmental shares Shareholders (if available) Formed Ceased operations (=0) (below 50%) . These 10 celebrities are living so large, they invested in private islands around the world as their own private getaway or to rent out to resorts. Starting Your Own Island Country “Let’s blow this fascist popsicle stand! The island is 5,400 acres, which make one of the largest private islands. One just might get away from it all, and start something new. 7. Purchase a small island somewhere, and start our own country.” – Montgomery Burns . Purchased in 1978 for a mere $180,000, Necker Island is now valued at $100 million – and is currently an exclusive luxurious resort that can accommodate up to 28 guests. Canoe Island is a 45-acre forested enclave on the southeast side of Shaw Island. People thinking about forming their own nation often turn to islands: they appeal to people’s sense of dominion, and their borders are clear. Saaqib Malik 3 June, 2013 7: Petra Island, N.Y. Petra Island, located over an 11-acre (4.5-hectare) area in Lake Mahpac (New York), is different from most of the private islands on the list. Top 10 Amazing Privately Owned Islands. 3.-4. Mel Gibson, the Aussie by origin, has joined to the list of the owners of Fijian islands after the purchasing the Mago island in the in 2005, approximately for $ 15 millions. Perry purchased the island to celebrate his 40th birthday. Ronde Island – $100 million. That is because there are two homes built on the land. The Madea mastermind took pilot lessons so he could fly his private plane to the island. With the country's excellent infrastructure, a developed island offers an owner practically all the advantages of a mainland property, along with the privacy and special pleasures of island life.