What can go wrong? 10:09 ... Ronnie Street Stunts Recommended for you. Taras Kul Recommended for you. While it certainly requires practice – and so do the rest of the tricks here – one thing that can easily go wrong is the coordination between leaving the handbrake and accelerating. 10 crazy science stunts … But after a few months of inserting contacts every morning, you get to where you can jab you finger right in there without so much as a twitch. 10 crazy science stunts you can do at home part 2 - Duration: 10:09. 6:01. It's just a matter of concentration plus repetition. It's just a matter of concentration plus repetition. Now as you go sideways, depress the cluch, leave the handbrake, and off you go in the direction you came from. If you are learning it flat, and you don't have time to get the deck around, kick with your feet a bit more, or if you already do that, use your wrists to spin the deck around (because about 1 third of the whip is your feet and 2 thirds is your wrists).